With more than 1,000 ATMs, Cardpoint is the ideal partner for banks, retailers and many other industries!

Global Presence

Cardpoint is part of Cardtronics, the world's largest independent vendor of ATMs.
Cardtronics does business on four continents and in eleven countries with some 225,000 ATMs.
Thanks to the large global network, Cardtronics has excellent industry knowledge.
The key to Cardtronics' global growth strategy is the successful and long-term collaboration with its customers on site.
This includes a range of services tailored to local needs, as these examples show:
  • In Germany, Cardtronics was the first independent vendor of ATMs to offer dynamic currency conversion.
  • In the US, Cardtronics was the first provider of so-called "bank branding", which allows banks to equip Cardtronics ATMs with their own "branding".
  • Because in the UK, the cash supply of the ATMs could not be covered satisfactorily by external partners, Cardtronics founded its own money and value transport company.

Our global locations



Cardtronics operates the largest portfolio of ATMs in the United Kingdom under the Cashzone consumer brand. Cardtronics United Kingdom operates a turnkey cash-in-transit armored service alongside its own installation service to complement Cardtronics’ processing and customer care operations.

Cardtronics United Kingdom

Cardtronics operates ATMs throughout the Republic of Ireland under the consumer Cashzone brand.

Cardtronics Ireland

In Germany, Cardtronics Germany is the largest independent ATM portfolio in the country. German consumers interact with Cardtronics Germany through its Cardpoint and Moneybox consumer brands.

Operating with Euro 6000, Cardtronics provides consumers in Spain with quick and easy access to cash where they need it most with ATMs under the Cashzone consumer brand.
Cardtronics Spain

North America

Cardtronics started operating in the United States in 1996 and has grown to become the largest ATM operator in the country. With a focus on serving blue-chip retail and financial brands throughout the United States, Cardtronics delivers consumer convenience, retail foot traffic and financial institution competitive advantage across all 50 states with industry-leading service and network quality.
Cardtronics United States of America
Cardtronics operates the largest ATM portfolio in Canada, serving thousands of businesses, including many of the country’s top retail and financial brands. Cardtronics also offers financial institutions with exciting product offerings from debit card processing and card design and fulfillment services to mobile and contactless payment technologies.
Cardtronics Canada
DC Payments
Cardtronics operates a nationwide fleet of convenient cash access points in Mexico, with ATMs placed in high-traffic retail locations, major metropolitan areas and resort communities. Cardtronics works with several of Mexico’s largest financial brands to provide cash access to their cardholders, and also offers multi-currency ATMs in select locations.
Cardtronics Mexico

Asia Pacific

Through its 2017 acquisition of DCPayments, Cardtronics became the largest independent operator of ATMs in Australia, providing convenient access to cash across the continent.
DC Payments Australia
New Zealand
Working in partnership with its Australian operation, Cardtronics in New Zealand offers cash access points where consumers most need them, improving convenience for native Kiwis and visitors alike.
DC Payments New Zealand
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