With more than 1,000 ATMs, Cardpoint is the ideal partner for banks, retailers and many other industries!

Make the Most From Your Cash Machine

Cardpoint is the ATM market leader in Germany, offering you the best and most innovative solutions! Any ATM can provide cash, but with a Cardpoint device, you can do so much more!
The "Cash Recycler"
The users of the ATM increase the existing customer volume and thus your own sales potential.
Automatic cash machine with deposit and withdrawal function for financial service providers
Ideal for banks that want to close branch offices or reach new customers without the expense of opening new branch locations. Advanced technology makes these devices safe and economical to use.
Mobile money machines
Cardpoint's mobile money machine solution, built into a transporter for events, such as concerts.
Our money machine solutions are as individual as you are.
The way to your money machine is simple and fast -
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