With more than 1,000 ATMs, Cardpoint is the ideal partner for banks, retailers and many other industries!

Where Should you Place Your Cash Machine?

The success of your ATM depends on the right location.
The better the position, the more sales you achieve.
The better the accessibility, the higher the customer frequency.
The way to your money machine is simple and fast -
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There are three principal sites available for ATM placement:
Within your business premises:
Your advantage: The users of the ATM increase the existing customer volume and thus your own sales potential.
Through an exterior wall or a window:
Your advantage: The cash machine is available around the clock - so it makes even after "Feierabend" advertising and sales for you.
Your advantage: A free cash machine can be positioned exactly where it is needed and offers the best benefit.
Ask us, we will be pleased to advise you on choosing the best location for your Cardpoint machine.
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