The investment would have been questionable for our institution if we had to purchase the new ATMs ourselves.

Financial Institutions

The money-saving alternative to the bank money machine is Cardpoint's cash machine.
Regardless of bank structure and bank size, whether regional savings bank, cooperative bank, private bank or large bank Carpoint is your ideal partner.
With Cardpoint ATMs, you can help your customers achieve the best performance while reducing costs.
Thanks to our economies of scale as a market leader in Germany, Cardpoint can offer a comprehensive service package at particularly favorable rates and terms.
Together with you, we will gladly work out the tailor-made solution for your respective ATM site and look forward to your inquiry.
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A cooperation with Cardpoint brings the following advantages:
  • Full performance package:
    Cardpoint covers installation, cash filling, service and maintenance, insurance and, on request, further individual services for your house.
  • Cash-Management-System:
    We take on all of the administrative hassle and work around your ATM and ensure your machines are up and ready for use.
  • Regional Connections:
    A cash machine helps your customers enjoy their lives and continue shopping where they prefer, helping the entire community. Your customers will thank you.
  • Germany wide ATM network:
    Secure your customers’ access to their cash with a network usage contract providing access to our cash machines across Germany.
Our banking service provider / data center is the VÖB.ZVD
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