A cash machine is a natural extension of the service offered in the lobby area of a hotel. With Cardpoint, this is the easiest way to implement it.

Leisure and Tourism

Whether it is a city break, a weekend trip, a visit to a leisure park or an open air concert, nothing is more annoying for your guests than to want to make a quick purchase and find they have too little money with no cash machine easily available.
Save your guests from leaving your business searching for cash and set up a cash machine where they really need it. Satisfy the needs of your customers, increase their satisfaction and promote your sales.
Cardpoint is the largest independent vendor of ATMs in Germany, trusted by more merchants than any other. We have the ideal solution for your needs, whether you need a permanent fixture or a mobile ATM solution.
For example, rent Cardpoint's mobile cash machine solution for events. The cash machine is installed in a transporter and comes ready for your event.
Our round-the-clock service gives you advice, installation, maintenance and much more from a single source.
The way to your money machine is simple and fast -
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