A Cardpoint cash machine increases customer frequency and sales.

Retail Trade

For your customers, cash is still the most popular and easiest way to pay for purchases, especially with smaller sales, which customers prefer to pay with cash. By providing direct access to cash in your store, you can increase sales and improve your customer service offering.
  • A cash machine will lead more customers into your business.
  • Of the money withdrawn, part is often returned to you immediately through a cash sale.
  • Customers return more often to shop at a store with a cash machine.
For you as a shopkeeper, this means more sales in your business and more transactions at your ATM.
We can also make your ATM service work even harder for you with the new "Cash Recycler". Bring your daily cash deposits to the Cardpoint machine instead of to the bank. The paid notes will be promptly credited to your account and are used to provide your customers with cash withdrawals. For you, this means less time wasted dealing with excess cash, easier loading of the ATM and more profits from your operations.
Cardpoint is the largest independent ATM operator in Germany, trusted by merchants and financial institutions across the country. With us, you get advice, installation, maintenance and much more all from a single source providing the best possible terms and rates.
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